Welcome to Cancer Research at the Peter Mac

Cancer research at Peter Mac involves over 400 laboratory-based scientists, clinician researchers and support staff, clinicians, chemists, statisticians, physicists, research nurses and allied health professionals involved in basic, clinical and translational cancer research. Hence Peter Mac’s cancer research spans fundamental studies in cancer cell biology, translational studies involving specific human cancers, and extensive clinical trial activity and advanced cancer imaging.

As a specialist cancer centre with a strong disease-focus of research, Peter Mac integrates Australia’s largest cancer research group within a specialist cancer hospital.

Peter Mac is exceptionally well-placed to translate research findings into clinical practice and to help devise the most beneficial and cost-effective new approaches to cancer management, providing unparalleled opportunities to inform clinical practice and engage in translational clinical research.

We invite you to browse our website, to read about our research programs and laboratories, our core platform technologies, and our education and learning program, and gain an understanding of our commitment to excellence in cancer research.